Queens Park Soccer & Social Club



Established in 1931, Queens Park Soccer & Social Club holds a proud legacy as one of Western Australia’s pioneering soccer institutions. Beyond our dedication to soccer and various sports, we’re deeply woven into the fabric of our community and the families we serve. With over a century of experience, we’ve united generations through soccer, sports, and vibrant social gatherings.

Recognised throughout Western Australia for our contributions to the global game, Queens Park offers opportunities for all ages and backgrounds to pursue their soccer dreams. Join us as we continue to champion the sport that unites communities and inspires passion.


At Queens Park Soccer & Social Club, we believe in nurturing talent at every stage of a player’s journey. Our Player Development Pathway is carefully designed to guide individuals from their earliest encounters with the game through to professional-level competition.


For ages 3-6, our Active Start program introduces children to the joy of physical activity in a playful, unstructured environment. Emphasizing ball skills such as dribbling, turning, receiving, and striking, we foster a love for the game from the very beginning. As children progress from ages 6 to 9, our FUNdamentals program focuses on disciplined skill development, including passing, 1v1 situations, running with the ball, and finishing, all within an enjoyable and engaging setting.

Foundation Phase:

As players enter the ages of 9 to 12, our Learning to Train program hones in on football-specific skills. Through fun and effective training sessions, we work on improving mobility skills, introducing fundamental tactical concepts, and enhancing game comprehension through small-sided games.

Youth Development Phase:

In the critical ages of 12 to 16, our Training to Acquire program continues to develop football-specific abilities as players progress to 11v11 matches. While competition is introduced to challenge and improve talents, our primary focus remains on training and skill development. Position-specific roles and responsibilities are introduced, alongside handling the physiological demands of the game.

Professional Development:

For ages 16 to 19, our Training to Compete program is tailored to fulfill the physiological, technical, and tactical demands of the game. Competition is intensified to test and enhance players’ abilities, with a strong emphasis on learning position-specific roles within the team.

Ages 19 and up: Our Training to Win program is geared towards maximising players’ skills to perform at their peak during competitive matches. With a focus on performance and winning games, we recognize the importance of fully developing all athletic abilities for success on the field.

Why Choose Us

Holistic Development

QPSC provides a comprehensive pathway for player growth, nurturing skills and tactical understanding at every level.

Expert Guidance

Our seasoned coaches offer personalised attention, empowering players to unlock their full potential on the field.

Community Connection

Beyond soccer, QPSC fosters a tight-knit community through social events and shared passion for the game.

Proven Legacy

With almost a century-long history of success, QPSC instills a culture of excellence and camaraderie, shaping champions both on and off the pitch.